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E CigWhenever you smoke, you know you are putting your health at danger, but the habit has captivated you this way that you cannot think of leaving it, right? What if I tell you that now you can smoke easily without any tensions or health risk? I know you would not believe me but you will begin doing this once you will complete reading the article. You can now smoke tension free with the help of E Cig Vapor E Cigarette.

The amazing formula can help you stay away from all the dangers of smoking and also manage your nicotine cravings so that you do not rush for the harmful tobacco cigarette. What else this electronic cig can do for you? Continue reading to know…

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About Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is considered to be a viable substitute for traditional cigarettes, which have known side effects. The device has an appearance that can pass for a cigarette at first glance. The device simulates smoking without using tobacco, and the potential benefits extend to non-smokers as well. The e-cigarette is often seen to be less harmful to others than tobacco cigarette smoke. The health problems associated with secondary smoke inhalation can be minimized through using e-cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette works because of the internal parts that distribute doses of nicotine after an inhalation. It is powered by batteries, and this provides power to the internal heating element called an atomizer. Some devices also have an electronic chip inside that moderates the amount of power discharged to the atomizer. The nicotine solution is contained inside the device, and the atomizer heats up the solution to deliver a small amount of nicotine to the user. The e-cigarette connects to a USB charger, and most of these products use a rechargeable battery.


Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

These cigarettes were designed to reduce the harmful effects associated with the manufacturing process involved with conventional tobacco cigarettes. After the initial product launch, the device was seen as an anomaly, but later it was accepted as a way to reduce dependency on the chemical products used in tobacco cigarettes. The benefit of using this product is still disputed by regulatory agencies responsive to the leverage exercised by established commercial industries.

E cigarette

What is Unique about the Formula?

The battery operated cigarette functions like a real one but without producing any smoke. There are two main reasons of the success that is – it does not harm you in any single way and the second with the help of E Cig Vapor E Cigarette you can save tons of money.


How can you Get Rid of the Vicious Cycle?

When you smoke a real cigarette then there are these side effects,

It produces smoke that is harmful not only for you but for your family ones as well

Bad breath

Yellow teeth

Harmful tar and tobacco that can invite lung cancer

Restrictions everywhere

But with the help of this amazing formula you can now puff easily without facing any difficulties.


How does the Electronic Cigarette Work?

The e cigs work on a battery and provide you the same nicotine feeling that when you inhale it from one side. There is no tobacco and no smoke involved, yet you get the same feeling like puffing a real cigarette.


So, Now you can Set Yourself Free…


From all the health dangers of smoking areal cigarette and feel free to smoke:

In airports and airplanes

Restaurants and cars

Hotels and cruise ships

Bars and night clubs

E Cig Vapor E Cigarette works for longer and you can use one cartridge for more than twice. And hence saving money along with health is also easier now.


E Cigs - Pro Vapor

What all the Starter Kit Includes?

Storage Case

1100 MAH lithium Ion Battery

10 ML Liquid 3 bottles

USB charger

Wall mount charger

Two Refillable Ecig

Many people have begun using this and now this is your turn to be free of the harmful habit.


Where to Buy?

E Cig Vapor E Cigarette can be bought online. Act now to get your starter kit.


E cigs

Why to Buy E Cig Vapor E Cig

Many people known or unknown have must advised you thousands of time to quit smoking due to the harmful effect it poses to one’s health. And those who are badly addicted to the cigarettes just take advice as granted because this habit has captured them badly. However, what if I provide you cigarette which you can now smoke freely anywhere, anytime even without posing danger to your health and people around you? …how that possible? All is possible with the help of E Cig Vapor Electronic Cigarettes.This is the No.1 electronic cigarette which works using battery and gives you with feeling that you are smoking a real cigarette. By using this revolutionary product, you can smoke without any regulations and restrictions and plus without posing harm to your health and people around. So, what makes this product amazing and different from its counterparts? Read on to find out! What is this Cigarette all about?The fantastic non smoking cigarette which works on a battery provides you the feeling that you are smoking a real cigarette with real taste and that too without creating any smoke. E Cig Vapor Electronic Cigarettes make use of the advanced microchip technology and provides you same taste as of real cigarette.


How does the E Cigarette work?

The cigarette works on a battery and creates smoke of nicotine and there are no chemicals in these electronic cigarettes. One more benefit is that you can smoke for longer period of time using one stick as this runs longer.


Why you should prefer this Product instead of other counterparts?

This revolutionary cigarette provides you independence of smoking anytime, anywhere and there is no involvement of risk of passive smoking too. It is really a wiser way to smoke. You can smoke with full freedom wherever and whenever you want.

You can now even in the no smoking zones like…

Restaurants, airports, nightclubs and bars, office and many other no smoking zones… And nobody would charge you fine or throw you out for rupturing any guideline.


E Cig Vapor E Cigarettes is amazing, as…

It don’t have Tar, smell and tobacco

You can get rid of foul breathe and yellowness of  teeth

No second hand smoke production

Freedom to smoke anywhere and anytime

Helps to save your money plus health

What does the kit contain?


A full pack of E Cig Vapor E Cigs

A cartridges

Lifelong period

Charger for battery and USB port

Different flavors to choose

So, finally I can quit cigarettes!


Definitely, you can …


You will experience the real feeling of traditional cigarettes

Your family and close ones will support you

You are free from dangers of smoking

You are not causing any harm to your health and people around

How to claim this amazing product?


You can order E Cig Vapor electronic cigarettes online by visiting their official website. Log to website now as supplies are limited!!


Electronic cigarettes are the easy way to stop smoking

Electronic cigarettes consist of 3 key elements. The atomizer, the cartridge (also known as e-juice) and the battery. The atomizer simply transforms, with the help of the battery, the nicotine cartridge into smoke! There are currently 2 different types of electronic cigarettes on the market. The 2 piece and the 3 piece models. In a nutshell, the the 3 piece models have all 3 key elements in separate removable parts. It is usually the more affordable model of the 2.


As for the 2 piece model, it comes with the atomizer and the cartridge paired up, alongside the battery. The smoke experience and flavor delivered from the 2 piece model is better than the 3 piece model, but it is objective to the user. It is also much less of a headache when it comes to switching cartridge on the 2 piece model simply because there is no mess when it’s time to change cartridge. The pros/cons ratio of electronic cigarettes far outweighs those of regular cigarettes, it is the easy way to stop smoking.  Take a look for yourself!

I am a former smoker

Hi, I’m Nick, former tobacco cigarette smoker. I discovered e-cigarettes about 2 years ago and since then, I’ve never touched a tobacco cigarette. I feel healthier, more energetic and overall feel better about myself. My entourage also noticed the difference – the benefits are countless.

The perks

There is simply nothing to lose but only to gain. Discover why it’s the simple and easy solution.

  • It hits faster

Electronic cigarettes delivers the nicotine fix faster than gums and patches. You might even need fewer tokes than you thought you would with a regular tobacco cigarette

  • Smoke them anywhere

You can smoke them anywhere! Since there is no second hand smoke, there is no odors, nor carbon monoxide. They’re also free from most smoking bans

  • Clean and neat

No more ashes on the table or in the car. And also, no more burnt spots on your sofas or your car seat! And you never have to purchase additional batteries; They’re rechargeable!

  • No more second hand smoke

These little devices let you inhale the nicotine you need via a vaporizer. No more of those thousands of cancerous toxins entering in your body or the atmosphere

  • No more bad breath

Say goodbye to bad breath and yellow teeth once you’ll switch to e-cigarettes. No more concerns when you’re having a head to head supper with that special someone

  • Save more money

If you smoke 1 pack a day, paying 7$ a pack, you are spending 2520$ annually! When you switch to e-cigarettes, you will spend 613$ annually if you buy a 40-cartridges pack. That’s a saving of 1907$ annually!



Electronic Cigarettes 101: How to speak “vape” – A glossary of terminology and slang

If you’ve ever hit the internet in search of information on electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, you may have given up your search pretty quickly, especially if you’re new to the idea of using either one. The terminology is interesting and can seem like another language. Just like with learning anything new, there is a learning curve. We put this guide together of some of the most important and commonly used slang terms so that you can understand what someone means when they are talking about box mods, atomizers, ohms, and sweet spots.

510 / 808 / 901: These refer to threading and are different models of atomizers. Just like different chargers are adaptable to different electronics, this is the same idea. You want to be sure that your battery port will fit your 510 atomizer if that’s what you have. A lot of the newer models enable you to use any model of atomizer and are adaptable.

Atomizer: This is the heating coil used to turn liquid into vapor. This can be used along with a tank.

Cartomizer – Also called “Carto” is a device that both holds liquid and holds the heating unit.

Clearomizer: This is a clear cartomizer that enables the user to see how much liquid is left.

Dripping: Adding liquid to the vaporizer tank one drop at a time as opposed to storing it in the atomizer.

Dry Burn: This term is used to describe firing your vaporizer without any juice in it to get rid of buildup and to increase performance.

Juice – This is a slang term for liquid used in the tanks of vaporizers

Ohm: Ohm is the measurement of resistance.

Sub Ohm Vaping: This is vaping at a resistance of less than 1.0ohm.

Sweet Spot: This is obtained by using many different variables (Wattage, Voltage, and Resistance) to find the right settings that deliver the ideal vaping experience. The sweet spot varies from person to person and is based solely on opinion.

Variable Voltage: Variable voltage refers to a feature on box mods that allows you to control the power output. Higher voltage means hotter vape and more flavor.

Variable Wattage: Variable wattage allows the user to set a desired output and it will adjust the voltage automatically to achieve this.

Wattage: The measurement of power delivered by your device. This is abbreviated W. For example, there are vaporizers that vape up to 20W, 30W, even 150W.

Vape – Vape is a shortened form of “vaporizing” and is slang for the action of using a vaporizer. For example: “I got a new e-cigarette, I’m going to go home and vape.”

You may come across a number of other terms, but these should be able to get you through the majority of review websites and online stores without being totally mystified and out in left field. Vaping indeed is like its very own language but the more you practice, the sooner you’ll be talking vape without even thinking about it.



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