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Our Teeth Whitening Kit is made with 100% safe ingredients and provides your teeth with the brightness and shine you desire.  It also protect you from teeth problems which we will discuss in this entire article keep on reading to get maximum knowledge on teeth problems and teeth whitening.


Discover the Best Methods For Teeth Whitening, Bruxism & TMJ Problems

Our teeth is teeth whitening kitone of the most effective parts of our body, and there are so many problems that are related to our teeth such as TMJ and bruxism and one of the most important one is teeth whitening and there are so many effective methods for teeth whitening at home, anyway let’s start with the yellow teeth and how our teeth become yellow.

The yellow teeth are what make us always looking for the best teeth whitening methods. There are various factors that cause the dental stains because the teeth can adopt many unsightly colors and this is actually depending on various factors and these factors maybe the oral hygiene, so you tend to have yellow teeth if you aren’t brush your teeth after every meal and there are so many reasons besides this.

The teeth color is ranging from brown to yellow or grey, if you have taken any types of tetracycline during the childhood (The tetracycline is an antibiotic intended to fight against many bacteria and some parasites), and due to the excessive intake of fluoride that can be found in some toothpastes, some mouth baths and also some food supplements. The dentin is the layer below the tooth which is located underneath the enamel. In General, yellow teeth are most often due to a large consumption of tobacco and coffee. The yellow teeth is appear after long years of consumption of the tobacco and coffee and the tea, etc… So our teeth tend to be yellow over time which is the top layer of the tooth.

What are teeth whitening?

The basic answer is that teeth whitening are a bleaching process or teeth whitening to remove any stains on the enamel and dentin. Most teeth whitening procedures are performed by applying a chemical such as carbamide peroxide to whiten your teeth. Are you getting the point?

Your teeth are constantly invaded by the different stains colors that you take such as vegetable, animal oils that including cholesterol and food particles and the chemical reactions in the teeth and the nerve damage as a result of aging which is one of the most common ways that causing you to lose your teeth.

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At what age it’s recommended to whitening your teeth?

Well, teeth whitening for children who still gain their teeth may not be necessary, even if these teeth may still be cleared by the procedure. But since the babies teeth are not permanent, then it would seems that most teeth whitening are made by adults and minors whose teeth have been replaced by permanent teeth.

If pregnant or nursing women should undergo teeth whitening?

My answer would be that there has been no conclusive evidence as to whether chemicals are harmful or not for the health of these women. Therefore it is preferable for the sake of precaution to ward off tooth whitening until after childbirth and lactation.

You may want to know if the treatment is really able to whiten all teeth equally?

Again, the answer is no. This is because the weight of your tooth enamel varies and bleaching chemical is able to do a better job when the enamel is more concentrated on the teeth. The opposite of this drawback is to continue the process of the whitening process for more bleaching.

Then you want to know if the teeth whitening is safe or not?

The answer is that it is depends on the method and the product, and if you do it yourself, your knowledge of the particular product. It is advisable that you seek the advice of the dentist.

What is the best teeth whitening method?

Misapplication of chemicals in the body can be harmful. However, if you follow the instructions correctly, there is no danger to whiten your teeth, except for some minor tooth sensitivity, which not everyone experiences. The key is to buy your dental care products from a reputable dentist who should also provide answers to your questions about the proper use of best teeth whitening products.


Best teeth whitening (At home vs. dentist)

Even just a few years ago the teeth whitening have been done in a professional dental clinic by the dentist experts. But today, availability services for the home teeth whitening and OTC whitening products which is considered teeth whitening at home has made this process easier and more accessible. Many people who were worried about the visit to the clinic for some reason is now at ease in the use of bleaching products at home in the form of kits like tape or paint tray. In some countries, the tooth bleaching system process has involved within the cosmetic. The manufacturer must mention a notification that shows an adequate and correct information about the safety of use these products.

Most of the Health department does not approve notification until it scrutinize the information to ensure that all requirements have been complied with. The product security is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The teeth whitening kit is very similar to those that the professional oral health is applying to your teeth, but the only difference lies in the concentration of active ingredients that have been used. The concentration of ingredients applied is much higher when you visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening at home

Using and applying higher concentrations are permitted only when they are used and applied by the specialists who have a better understanding of the control and use of these ingredients and they are responsible for monitoring the environmental effects. Given that home-based teeth whitening products are not supervised by the professional level. However, the professional may also prescribe to his patient to use ingredients to take at home. But in this case he should monitors its patients directly after using these applications to be able to take appropriate measures in case of any undesirable side effect of products.

Recent clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth are home can be done without damaging if it used correctly by following the instructions. The studies that have been conducted so far does not indicate the detrimental effects of these dyes have on the teeth structure. However, follow instructions religiously and against any indication-if mentioned on the label must bear in mind. These precautionary statements often ignores or missing leads to complications. Any teeth whitening product should not be used for more than 14 days without proper dental care. Your dentist is the best guide to help you whiten your teeth properly until after a thorough examination of your teeth structure.

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The Science behind Our Top Teeth Whitening KIT

Top Teeth Whitening Kit Product is more powerful than any other home teeth whitening product which has a different operating mode to all other teeth whitening systems.

The recognized components or ingredients for teeth whitening worldwide are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. For hundreds of years dentists have been whitening the teeth of thousands of people with both these core ingredients

Whilst our recommended Top Teeth Whitening Kit is made with a regular hydrogen peroxide the similarities with Top Teeth Whitening Products stop there.

Tradditional hydrogen peroxide is not a stable product, in fact it is very volatile. It decomposes very rapidly. The reasons for this decomposition are:-

  • Temperature
  • Impurities
  • Stabilizers

All other hydrogen peroxide based teeth whitening kit stop working after just 10 minutes. This rapid decomposition is one of the reasons why people suffer from high levels of sensitivity and limited whitening results. Let alone all the other drawbacks in teeth whitening.

So the secret to the success of Top Teeth Whitening Products is the stability of the hydrogen peroxide. In fact it is the world’s only stabilized hydrogen peroxide. It literally has a different operating mode. Top Teeth Whitening kit got more whitening power.

The Benefits of Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide:-

1)  The results obtained with Top Teeth Whitening products are significantly superior and more consistent than other products as the gel is whitening for much longer. Tooth stains considered, perhaps untreatable (tetracycline or fluorosis) can be treated with confidence.

2)  The Top Teeth Whitening Products formula maintains an optimal degree of hydration of the tooth through the bleaching procedure, avoiding oral flows and sensitivity.

3)  High concentration levels of minerals can be added without dissolving the hydrogen peroxide.

4)  The slow gradual release of the formula means virtually no sensitivity or side affects

There are three other key areas that are important so that we can clearly see why Top Teeth Whitening Products is a superior teeth whitening product.

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Carbamide Peroxide

The second traditional method of whitening your teeth is with Carbamide Peroxide. However when Carbamide Peroxide decomposes, it does so into Ammonia, carbon dioxide and Urea.

These are known to potentially etch tooth enamel and are not particularly nice products to have in your mouth.

A further down side of carbamide peroxide is that as the gel is released more slowly it has to be worn for many hours to achieve any kind of result.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are present in all teeth whitening products, except our Top Teeth Whitening Kit.

Heavy metals are very bad as they are responsible for tooth dehydration during the whitening period. They do this by attaching themselves to the minerals on the surface of the tooth, removing moisture in the process by diffusion.

This dehydration causes the tooth to look whiter for 48 hours. However as it rehydrates the tooth will darken and start to return to its original shade.

Dehydration of the tooth also greatly affects the final appearance of the tooth after whitening. They generally look more ‘chalky’ in appearance or ‘dull’.

Since during the Top Teeth Whitening Kit process the tooth is never dehydrated as no measurable amounts of heavy metals are present, the final look of the tooth is vibrant, more vivid and translucent.

Neutral pH

One of the main key factors in the cause of tooth sensitivity during the whitening process is the lack of neutrality.

Many teeth whitening gels are not a true neutral pH (neutral being pH 7). Some hover around the more acidic 3-4 others indeed start at 7. However when they are active in the human mouth at 37% the neutrality drops to between 3-4. Top Teeth Whitening Kit also includes calcium which prevents against demineralization, and also acts as a buffer against acidity and preserves the gel at a neutral pH.

Dealing with the Right Tooth Whitening Product: A review

Enamel whitening products have grow to be one of many requirements of people that desire brilliant white teeth. The market has elevated the out there tooth whitening products to up to 25%. It’s as a result of our teeth normally turn into stained and discolored as we get older.

A fast review on teeth whitening will present that there are basically two sorts of teeth whitening methods.

  1. Visit to the dentist. This is the primary and most recommended technique if you want to bear a teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist will decide which remedy will suit you, whether its laser or bleaching procedure. Although the speed of these dental procedures are fairly larger, you can still be assured that you’ll have an ideal white teeth after the treatment. In addition, you may also be given proper dental care, and have your teeth examined before getting started with any treatment.
  1. Do it yourself option. If you want a less expensive manner, then you possibly can go for doing the treatment at home. There are various tooth whitening merchandise you may apply at home. Most dependable teeth whitening reviews suggest that teeth whitening kit is also efficient in enhancing the youthful great thing about your teeth and a manner for sensible white teeth. Just make sure that you’ll buy these merchandise from a reputable medical store. You too can ask testimonial from these glad customers which can be utilizing the home teeth whitening products.

Nevertheless, doing teeth whitening at home involves extra persistence and time than at the dentist clinic. So, as you learn this teeth whitening review, you’ll be able to see the commerce-off between the fee and speed. If you’d like it the quick approach, you need to spend more.  Professional teeth whitening kit gives therapy that may whiten your teeth in as little as one week. Home teeth whitening review that it will take two to three weeks to realize a great result.

Evaluating the Enamel Whitening Merchandise

A review on teeth whitening product ought to supply the essential info on what the buyer should care about.

Things akin to:

Components of the product. Proper care must be taken in consideration for any teeth whitening product. Most kits provide more whitening gel, and different ingredients. It’s best to search for teeth whitening kit that will effectively do the whitening and cleansing of your teeth.

Strenght of the whitening gel. Most merchandise state that they contain tremendous power whitening gel. Despite the fact that it is true, you have to keep in mind that the stronger the whitening compound, the more harsh it will likely be in your teeth. This would imply that although the tooth whitening will give quick consequence, it’s possible you’ll run the risk of your teeth changing into damaged and sensitive to temperature.

Quality Buyer Service. This entails the alternative ways the good and the unhealthy firm market their products. Recognized corporations are much more inquisitive about maintaining in touch with their shoppers and taking care of them. Although a lot of people are making the most of the customer service, many on-line businesses still proceed to take care of long run customers. Any product review should consider the capacity of the buyer to hyperlink with the company.

Cost and Value. As talked about, there is a commerce off between the fee and speed. Of all the teeth whiteners available, consumer can’t determine what to prioritize, if it’s the worth or value of the product. So, you have to be practical enough in selecting what to purchase. It has to be your need. All the evaluation on the planet will not make a product fit your way of life or your functionality to go after with the instructions.

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