Shadowhawk X800 High Tactical Flashlight 800 Lumens USA Top Rated

The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight is a compact (easy to fit inpocket ), double yield LED spotlight intended for self-preservation and personal protection. It features a high-potency aerospace aluminum cadaver, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for compelling solidness, two-stage light emitting diode that regulated to maximize output 800 lumen ray of light more than enough to overwhelm an aggressor’s night-adapted vision  and  five lumens of useful light (enough to read a map  or navigating around a dark room or parking lot) on low.

Shadowhawk x800


Product Number X800
Product  Weight 7.8 ounces
Dimensions 5.5 x 1.5 x 1.1 inches
Country of Manufacture USA
Model X800
Batteries One Lithium ion
Color Black
Body Metal
Material Aluminum
Thickness 1.1 inches
Power Source Battery
Item Packed in Box 1
Extension Length 6.2
Bulb Type LED
Handle Material Metal
Performance 800 Lumens
Cutting Diameter 1.1 inches
Special Features 800 Lumen XPE Light Bulb For higher light output, Rechargeable finest LIB, Lamp Life of 100,000 Hours, Constructed From Premium Quality Aircraft Aluminum including Adjustable Focus ray with Telescopic Zoom in, 5 Different Preset Modes of Use. High/Medium/Low/SOS/Strobe, waterproof & Shockproof Design, excellent Bright & Blinding results, Wrist Strap
Usage Tactical/Outdoor/Commercial/Outdoor/Home
Included Components Rechargeable Premium Lithium Ion Battery, Wireless AC Battery Wall Charger, AAA Battery Adapter, Plastic Shadowhawk Carrying Case
Battery Cell Type Lithium Ion
Description Pile AAA and Lithium Ion
Average Battery Life 6 hours
Assembled Diameter 1.1 inches


Shadowhawk x800

Maximum Brightness

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight is an LED flashlight that provides maximum brightness despite of its compact shape. With detachable clip and, one hand selection mode adjustment and 800 lumens of light output capacity, it gives bright light perfect for using at various locations and for various tasks. This is a practical flashlight for outdoor using that can also work well for residential owners.


First Look

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight has 7.8 ounce of weight and 5.5 inches of length, makes it entirely lightweight and capable for both indoor and outdoor using. It has railed head cap to prevent the flashlight from rolling away. O Ring Seal makes this LED flashlight waterproof, and one push button at the rear end becomes the center of all functions. The case is made of aircraft graded aluminum, very lightweight and tough at the same time. Removable clip is available for easy carrying, as well as holster.


Special Features

Several features of Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight give this flashlight versatility for both indoor and outdoor using:

  • 800 lumens of light output, creating high brightness level despite of its relatively small size.
  • Dual intensity modes (high and low), which makes it very easy to alternate between both of them.
  • C4 LED for optimum brightness.
  • 6 hours running time after continued use of high light intensity, power given by LIBs.
  • 126 meters of distance for the high intensity and 35 meters for the low one.


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What Customers Said

So far, Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight has garnered mostly positive reviews for a compact LED flashlight. It is functional and practical for daily using at home or work (especially with the removable pocket clip), but also bright enough for outdoor using or during night emergency situations. The bright light has made this spotlight mainstream as self protection instrument (for blinding aggressor). However, the batteries produce small rattling sound inside the flashlight, so some complained about being unable to do something quietly while carrying this flashlight.


What to look in a Tactical Flashlight?

LED Tactical flashlight is sure no longer a niche technology. Now, you can buy this kind of flashlight at almost any store, and many of the good ones are not even that expensive. However, while LED Tactical Flashlight nowadays has better quality than regular flashlight with common bulb, you must pay attention to the quality like you do when choosing other products.

What must be looked at when you are choosing an LED Tactical Flashlight? Here are some:

  • Lumens

Basically, the lumen amounts determine the brightness level of your LED Tactical Flashlight. Naturally, the more lumens an LED Tactical Flashlight has, the brighter it becomes, and of course more expensive. Therefore, choose wisely. For mostly indoor using, 10 lumens are enough. If your area often experiences blackout, you might want to add another flashlight with larger amount of lumens (say, 100 to 300). If you often do outdoor activities such as hiking, perhaps you need flashlight with more than 300 lumens. My recommendation is Shadowhawk X800 which has got 800 lumens.

  • Operations

Most LED Tactical Flashlights have on-off button on their rear parts, but you will also find some that have more traditional on-off switches. Basically, it is all about convenience; which one is more convenient for your hand, than choose it. However, if you need a flashlight for activities that require tactical ability, such as a job as police officer, the ones with rear on-off button will be your advantage (common example is Shadowhawk X800 that is carried by many police officers in the US).

  • Batteries

Each battery type has different characteristic that determine your LED Tactical Flashlight performance. Regular batteries such as AA and AAA are easy to get and last quite long, but you must buy the new ones every time. Rechargeable batteries are more expensive and last in shorter period than regular batteries, but you can save battery money in the future. If you only use batteries at home, you may want to buy rechargeable batteries. If you spend much time outdoor, buy regular LED Tactical Flashlight and stock regular batteries.


Tactical Flashlight

Customers Reviews:

Kiwi Doe

The full-power brightness of this tactical flashlight is awe-inspiring.

Very powerful flashlight, excellent choice.

I witness 3 car pile up 100 feet in front of me on a 2-lane highway in the rain.

I cannot remember how frequently I dropped this with no negative impact to the light.

High output is very good for outdoor use and temporary blinding. Small output is ideal for interior use when you don’t want to compromise your natural night vision.

You will NEVER find me without my Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight. I could be wearing a 3 piece suit and you can bet money that I’ll have my Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight and a pocket knife on my person.  It’s become THAT integral in my daily life.

I’ve had my Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight for about a year now and I’m very happy with it. After a year, I’m still on my first arrangement of batteries and unique bulb. This is an incredible tactical flashlight.

The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight is the best flashlight I’ve ever owned.

Extremely well built high quality light,  incredibly bright light.


Alcázar de San Juan

Very Nice! I love it. It has a great presence and Super bright. People are always surprised at how strong the light is. And it would come in handy if you had to fight for your life. I would not want to use it in a bar with some drunken person attack, unless your life depended on it. The end of Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight would carve up a face very easily and it would be bloody. Not really worth the hassle of getting blood everywhere, police reports etc. Better to use a taser or some Fox spray and use Surefire as a last resort.



Atlanta, GA

I use lights like these when teaching nonlethal self defense. This type of light is easy to carry and easy to use.



Tactical Flashlight




How to serve and keep your flashlight safe?

A flashlight is a device that is usually used pretty seldom, but absolutely irreplaceable when needed. This article concentrates on sharing a few valuable tips that ensure that a flashlight is always ready to use.

Flashlight Storage and Maintenance

Storing a flashlight properly is not a serious challenge, but still there are some recommendations worth following. First and foremost, a flashlight must never be stored in a place where it might be exposed to high or low temperatures or direct sunlight as this often leads to malfunctions. It is also reasonable to have a few flashlights around the place where they might be used. Consumers are also recommended to perform some maintenance actions. The simplest way is the observation of the cleanliness of its metal contacts where dirt and corrosion accumulates from time to time. In most cases, the wires can be cleaned with an eraser. If they are dirtied too heavily contact cleaners consisting of water and lubricants should be used. Metal threads and o-rings of flashlights should also be regularly checked for dirt and cleaned. Besides, to keep the light beam of a flashlight steady, the lenses should periodically be cleaned.

Batteries Storage

The most problems with the service life of a flashlight are caused by batteries that tend to die quickly. The most reasonable recommendation concerning batteries is only buying quality ones that are manufactured by well-known brands and sold by such respected distributors like Shadowhawk X800.

The most common mistake is keeping batteries in a flashlight when it is not intended to be yet used. This causes corrosion and the risk of metal contacts failure of the device and, consequently, its breakdown. That is why the batteries always must be taken out of a flashlight when it is not needed anymore. It is also advisable to store the batteries and the flashlight in the same place just to make it easier to find both in case of emergency. Another tip is keeping batteries in the original package as it guarantees that they remain fresh and prevents them from leaking. Most people unpack batteries the minute they are brought from a store and just put them in a drawer. In case a flashlight is needed urgently, the minutes spent trying to figure out which batteries are the new ones in a heap of old ones might be worth a lot.

Batteries Storage Conditions

All the battery manufacturers indicate the storage conditions that must be observed to achieve their maximum life. Nevertheless, most consumers do not take them seriously. The most important recommendation is keeping batteries in a cool place. Some consumers go too far following it and put batteries into a refrigerator claiming this keeps them alive and sometimes even revives dead batteries. Contrary to this myth, storing batteries in an ice box makes them last shorter and increases the possibility of leakages that harm both the batteries and the flashlight. Batteries must always be kept under conditions mentioned on their package.

Following these not-so-numerous and quite simple recommendations ensures the long life of a flashlight and guarantees that it will always be at hand prepared for use.


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Some important features of our rechargeable flashlights

Led bulbs

Over a period of few years there has been a great improvements in light sources and now a day’s most of the flashlight uses led source because now a days people don’t like to buy flashlights with ordinary bulbs because they have low intensity, high power consumption and low life time.

As i mentioned above we recommend here the Shadowhawk X800, most of our flashlights uses the best led source as its light source.

There is a great variety on the basis of led sizes, power consumption and light intensity among our products.

Adjustable intensity of our rechargeable flashlights

Different people have different choices.  Here on our site we mention different varieties but Shadowhawk X800 has features according to new demands and new technologies.

Most of flashlights mentioned here has feature of adjustable intensity of light. This feature helps you to adjust light according to your need. And you can use only one flashlight for different intensities and strength.


Shadowhawk X800 had two types of varieties on the basis of lens which protect led bulbs.  One type has plastic lenses.  Usually they are in cheap flashlights but in more expensive flashlights there is a tempered glass lens which is more strong and protect the led bulbs from damages.

Casing material

We mentioned here different brands and different flashlights with difference casing materials in our list.  Quality also depends on price but our cheapest products has good material if it not the best because you cannot buy best thing in cheap price but still our cheapest products has good material then majority of flashlights.

Water proof

Flashlight needs to be water proof because if it is not water proof it can be damages due to rain etc. And our Shadowhawk X800 is fully water proof.

Here most of our products are water proof and some are water repellent as well.


Different people have different choices. And color is very important because most people prefer only one color. If you want to find best rechargeable flashlight of your desired color, you are at right place.

Here we have different flashlights with different bodies as well as different color lights, so that you can find the Shadowhawk X800 for yourself.


My Final Words

In the end, Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight is still a great compact LED flashlight for both indoor and outdoor using.


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