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pure colon detoxHave you ever wanted to do something but feel self-conscious because of your weight? Are you experiencing any odd symptoms like protruding belly, constipation, irregularity or chronic headaches? These issues and more are linked to one common problem from which many people unknowingly suffering. The foods we eat these days are so processed that it can overburden your colon causing digestive jams, over-production of bacteria/parasites and weight gain. However you can purify your body and flush away pounds with Pure Colon Detox!

As solid waste and toxins accumulate in the colon they prepare to be flushed out which is how things are normally supposed to occur. However, if for whatever reason your system is not running optimally it could start that uncomfortable gas, bloating and constipation. Once this happens it is very easy for your colon lining to be so saturated that you are unable to obtain the nutrients from your food. This start a cascade of harmful effects that just perpetuate the cycle and make your digestion a nightmare!


Pure Colon Detox Is An All Natural Formula That Works!

Alterations in your diet, everyday stress and even simply traveling can get constipation underway. If you are struggling with a sluggish colon then using Pure Colon Detox is the key to gently cleansing your body to provide you with relief from constipation and the ailments it is responsible for causing. Pure Colon Detox works to aid in your normal digestion process so that you can harvest the nutrients you need from the foods you eat and pass the waste and toxins. Having a properly cleansed colon is the path towards more energy, higher metabolism and weight management success.

Colons that have become over-burdened with parasites are often effected by mucus cloggage. The result is that your nutritional absorption rate is severely impacted causing your appetite to skyrocket. Despite your increased food consumption the impeded colon will simply not allow you to meet your needs without greatly exceeding your daily caloric allotment leading to increased weight gain. This slows everything down from your energy to your metabolism.

Cleansing your body is the ideal way to alleviate these symptoms and return your body to its normal condition. You will immediately see a difference and best of all it is all natural so that means you will not be dealing with those unwanted side effects. You will be able to reshape your body more easily and stay focused and energized!


Check Out The Benefits Of Pure Colon Detox:

  • Drop Pounds Of Waste And Toxins
  • Accelerate Your Metabolism
  • Find Relief From Constipation
  • Stimulate Efficient Weight Loss
  • Premium Natural Colon Cleanse

Finally Slim Down And Look As Great As You Will Feel!

One of the most common gastrointestinal complaints people have is constipation. This is a catalyst for many digestion and health issues. Constipation causes the discomfort from gas and bloating. The backed up colon even adds pounds and inches to your body. This also can stimulate the over-population of toxins and parasites that can have a terrible affect on your health and energy.

Pure Colon Detox is a high fiber digestive aid that cleanses your colon of toxins and waste gently. Pure Colon Detox is the healthier and more natural way to lose pounds, inches and achieve that flat tummy. Although it is a disturbing to consider the one thing that cannot be stopped is the ingestion of parasites from food, water and the environment. It is a fact of life but thankfully you can protect yourself and lose weight so you look and feel great by cleansing.

 pure colon detox

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Pure Colon Detox | Eliminate Pounds And Toxins!

Have you been experiencing sudden weight gain, chronic headaches, occasional constipation or fatigue? Your body may be in severe need of a purge. Detoxifying your body is the proven way to quickly and effectively improve your vitality and also to optimize your digestion. This allows your nutrient absorption rate to stay normalized so your tissues and organs are getting the vitamins and minerals they need to function properly. Waste build up in the colon can not only overburden your digestive tack and cause constipation but can flood your body with toxins! This wreaks havoc on your system and dramatically effects how it operates. This can cause weight gain among other physical ailments that could otherwise be eliminated through cleansing. Pure Colon Detox provides you with a natural way to stay regular and improve your health and body shape!


Advanced Detox With Pure Colon Detox!

Pure Colon Detox is made with all natural ingredients that are highly specialized in helping to balance your body’s digestive process, leading to overall better health. If you are looking to torch fat naturally, purify your system, boost metabolism and increase your vitality, all while you lose inches from your waistline, then Pure Colon Detox is right for you! This proprietary formula is made with only the purest and most potent detoxifying ingredients. Only premium quality herbs are utilized in this advanced colon cleanser. There is no better way to improve your digestive

function. Pure Colon Detox can get rid of pounds of waste and flush away harmful toxins. This can give your metabolism the boost it needs by optimizing your nutrient absorption and stabilizing your digestive capabilities. Shred through pounds of fat faster by cleaning your system. Experience not only a boost in metabolism but in energy as well. As your body obtains the vital nutrients it needs, you will see the weight fall off and many of your body’s functions increase in efficiency.

pure colon detox

Why do it?

Why should you change the oil in your car every 12 months? To keep it clear and running smooth. The intestine is also a site of combustion and residue is inevitable.

Look at it this way. The intestine is a continuous canal from the mouth to the rectum and anything still in transit is classed as being outside your body. We all take care to keep our body clean so the tissue remains healthy. With the intestine however it is more important because it is a site of absorption. In other words any unclean or unhealthy organism, if allowed to reside can eventually find its way into the body. Colon cancer is about the third most common form of cancer and studies have shown that other forms of cancer house intestinal parasites at the tumor site, which indicates a connection between poor intestinal hygiene and virtually all cancers. We maintain that intestinal health is the foundation for all healing.

We are aware of no other cleansing program which gives such a complete effective cleanse as ours.

Even a full colonic performed without a full intestinal pre-cleanse is treating only half of your digestive tract because the small intestine and liver are not treated.

This treatment will greatly increase the effect of other therapies which may also be ineffective if the digestive tract is not clear.

Pure Colon Detox is a combination of two acclaimed American doctors’ methods. This is a full intestinal, liver and kidney cleanser using large doses of herbal powders, herbal shakes and juice therapy. This is known to remove 90% of fecal plaque (impactions) from the body. We have seen these herbs in action and been astounded at the results. Kilo’s of black material that has been accumulating in the body for a lifetime can be removed. Toxins from the lymphatic system drain into the bowel once the fecal plaque lining the intestine is removed. Lactobacillus acidophilus or pro-biotic culture are taken afterwards to ensure proper bowel population of friendly bacteria.


A full breakdown of the Pure Colon Detox program is provided with the herbal cleanse kit which gives day by day instructions. A brief overview is given here.

pure colon detox


Prior to undertaking this kind of program it is advisable to seriously consider whether you will be able to cope with the dietary changes. At least three days of preparation is recommended.

Avoid the following completely if possible.

  • Meats in general
  • Dairy products in general
  • Bread and wheat containing products in general
  • Refined or processed foods in general
  • Preserves and pickles
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and beans
  • All fried foods
  • Sweets and soft drinks


Eat plenty of the following.

  • Fresh salads
  • Fresh fruit
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Baked vegetables (not fried)
  • Home made soups
  • Unsweetened yogurt
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Herbal teas
  • Herbs and spices


If you can manage a week on this diet then you will certainly be able to manage the intestinal and colon cleanse program because you will not get any hungrier than you did here.

Detoxify ! Then you can heal.

Detoxify organs and tissues

  • Increase metabolism
  • Strengthen defenses
  • Lose weight



Because your intestines represent such a huge surface area and it is where you absorb nutrients from your food it is no wonder that this kind of cleanse has great results.

Apart from having higher energy levels, metabolism speeds up in general. Allergies may decrease although sensitivities to unhealthy foods may increase. This is because your body will be better able to identify what it is encountering. This means also that enzyme secretions to particular food groups will improve and digestion of foods is more efficient.

Bowel motility increases. Transit time decreases. Toxic problems such as skin disorders, mucus congestion, fatigue, headaches (particularly migraines), arthritis, acne, obesity, addictions and asthma may all be reduced.

Emotional issues will also be addressed when going through this program. Because our intestine is an emotional organ it often connects food with emotional needs. This is an important area to look at when doing any kind of natural healing because bringing the physical body into fuller function will allow emotional healing to take place also.


The most effective detox system you will ever use to cleanse your intestines, liver and kidneys.

You will be amazed at what comes out of your bowels and how light and energetic and clear minded you feel afterwards. The PURE COLON DETOX is the finest available herbal detox and cleansing system available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. It has been improved over many years and there is nothing else on the market like it.

pure colon detox

What does PURE COLON DETOX do?

PURE COLON DETOX contains 14 highly effective herbs, in capsule form, to be taken at different times during the day to cleanse your body in three steps.

Step 1. Compacted fecal matter and mucus from years of eating unhealthy processed foods are softened by powerful herbs and flushed out of your entire 7 metre length of intestines. You would be horrified at what comes out (see picture below). Any parasites are also killed and passed out. Weight loss can be huge.

Step 2. Wholesome herbs and healing foods detoxify and cleanse your liver, kidneys and the lymphatic system.

Step 3. At the end of the intestinal cleanse your bowel flora is completely restored to an optimum balance over the next 5 days with billions of high quality lactobacillus acidophilus pro-biotic bacteria which are supplied in a sealed sachet with your cleanse kit. By this time you will be feeling like a new person.


All these health disorders have responded to the PURE COLON DETOX





Bad breath

Bloated feeling


Bowel problems




Digestive problems








Intestine problems

Irritable bowel

Kidney problems

Lazy Bowel


Liver problems

Low energy

Memory loss

Mucus congestion






Skin problems


Weight gain




What foods am I allowed?

Most vegetables and all fruits (either whole, or as juices or salads), unsweetened yoghurt, avocados, olive oil, herbal teas, natural condiments, herbs and lots of pure water. Usually as you do the cleanse you will lose a desire for unhealthy foods and sweets. These changes can be life-long.


Can I continue to work or travel?

Yes certainly, as long as you are not too far from a toilet. You will be passing motions several times a day.


Am I allowed coffee, tobacco or alcohol?

The Pure Colon Detox is an ideal time to quit these habits. However if severe withdrawal symptoms occur, do not over stress your self, just cut back as best you can. You will still benefit greatly from the cleanse.

Should I stop my prescription drugs?

Continue taking any current medications and consult your doctor about any changes. Some prescription drugs for your digestive system should not be needed after this cleanse.

pure colon detox

Pure Colon Detox Reviews | Pure Colon Cleanse ! Shocking !adminHealthPure Colon Detox Reviews | Pure Colon Cleanse ! Shocking ! Have you ever wanted to do something but feel self-conscious because of your weight? Are you experiencing any odd symptoms like protruding belly, constipation, irregularity or chronic headaches? These issues and more are linked to one common problem from...