What is Muscle Maximizer?

This product is better known as the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, but I shall refer to it as simply ‘Muscle Maximizer’ throughout this review. It’s created by Kyle Leon, a nutrition specialist, personal trainner and fitness model.

I should be clear at the start; this is not a total muscle building program. In fact it is just a nutritional program; it will need a weight training and cardio program in addition to this for it to really work.

Luckily at the current time you will be supplied with a couple of bonuses when you make the purchase which will include everything you need to make a real impact on your muscle size. Of course however it being related to just nutrition may be a pro of this system, after all you can really do things better if you just focus on one method that you know best. I can assure you there is no person out there who will be able to help with both nutrition and exercises, so I fail to see why many people offer their sub-par regimes in their products.

Muscle Maximizer is an individual program designed for everyone. Everything you will see is tailored to your own specific needs. You fill in a couple of boxes on their website and your own custom nutrition plan will be generated for you. I really love this touch as the specific approach allows you to find something that works for you, rather than something that works in general. Whilst some people may require to bulk up a little you may not need to. Other plans do not differentiate between those that use their products and therefore they offer very poor nutrition advice.


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Who Is It Designed For?

I feel that this product isn’t just for those searching to build muscles, it performs perfectly well for planning a proper fitness regime and of obviously the advantage of it being customized implies that those of all body weights can take advantage of the software. The Muscle Maximizer site indicates this project is for those that are serious about weight building, not ‘weekend warriors’ however I truly do feel that it can be utilized in all situations, so try to ignore this ‘warning’ as it will work, in spite of the fact that you might need to conform amounts a little. There is no need for someone to eat so many proteins if they aren’t developing their muscles.


How Does Muscle Maximizer Work?

It’s actually incredibly simple. All you need to do is enter several subtle elements like underneath:

  • Sex
  • Height (You can choose ft & in or cm)
  • Weight (You can choose lbs or kg)
  • Weight Training Hours Per Week
  • Age
  • Goal (Muscle Gain or Fat Loss)
  • Body Type
  • Etc…


This is known as your somatotype and after some quick computer wizardry it will know all your details and generate a detailed meal plan for you. This meal plan will help you build your muscles whilst minimising fat build up. As mentioned previously this does need to be used in combination with a proper weight training program to get the full effect of the software, but one very good one is included with the package so unless you really don’t get on with that you don’t need to anticipate paying anything extra to take advantage.


Muscle Maximizer: Pros

The meal plans that it produces are designed to build up muscle in the fastest possible way, whilst reducing the chance of injury and muscle wear and tear. You will feel a lot less sore after an intense work out after using this system, that’s for sure. The software will generate both your pre and post work out meals in order to take advantage of what it call ‘anabolic windows’ which are the perfect time periods to eat your meals for maximum speed and efficiency in muscle gain.

Many people seem to think that training is all about eating bland meals that serve next to no purpose. Muscle Maximizer does not believe in this and I was happy to eat nearly everything that this product generated for me. This of course was a first for me, I generally scoffed at some of the hideous foods that other muscle building programs through up at me. Of course if you don’t like a certain type of food after a while you will build up enough knowledge about the product to feel confident in making slight alterations in your meal plans from time to time.

There are over 1400 foods in the Muscle Maximizer database with many more getting added with each update. This will allow you to choose food that falls within your requirements whilst being something that is appealing to you. The meals are also varied which means there will be no eating an omelette every day for your proteins!

This program is created by genuine experts, unlike other so called programs on the internet which seem to be nothing more than rehashed data designed to take your money rather than genuinely help the user. This system was in fact used by many different bodybuilders and checked my nutritionists before its release to make defiantly it was 100% ideal for use. Certainly it is and the software has gone through many changes throughout the years, commencing as a plain excel spread sheet before developing into the current online form that it is today.


Muscle Maximizer: Cons

A potential downside of this product is that it is mainly geared towards the US market in terms of the weights and measurements that can be used. Update: In 2013, Kyle has updated the Muscle Maximizer System to make it completely web based online system. You can use either US Standard Units or Metric System as measurement. Spreadsheet software (Excel) is no longer needed in order to generate meal plan. The online system is compatible with both PC & MAC. All previous Muscle Maximizer’s customer will get this & future upgrade for free.

One of the problems I have found with this product is you have to be connected to internet in order to generate your meal plans. This is a downside for those that travel regularly and have limited online time. Of course this can be easily countered by downloading and saving your meal plans before you leave for your trip, although it can be a rather large hassle. However, the core Muscle Maximizer guide and all other bonus programs that bundle with the main course is available as a downloadable PDF format that you can store it in your computer.

I am not sure if this is a downside or not, but I feel it’s mentioning however. The package is supplied with a number of bonuses, which is of course very useful. One of these is known as ‘Somanobolic Weight Training’. Now this is handy and all because you need to weight train in order to feel the full effect of the software, but I am a little dubious about actually calling it a bonus since it is actually needed in order to succeed fully using this software.

Whilst you can use other weight training programs out there it does make sense to use what is supplied, that being said though, it is an incredible bonus, I just don’t feel that it should be labelled as a bonus as such, but that is just nit picking really.

Other bonuses include Somanabolic Supplementation Guide which is an e-book on supplementation for weight trainers and a ebook called ‘7 Days Out’. Both of these are incredibly useful and will be used a lot. They really aren’t filler.

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What do you get in Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program?

  • Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer
  • How to Gain Your First 10 Pounds
  • Bonus 1: Somanabolic Weight Training
  • Bonus 2: Somanabolic Supplementation (Optional)
  • Bonus 3: 7 Days Out System (Quick fix/temporarily solution for getting the look you want)
  • Bonus 4: Exercise Demonstration Video Library


Muscle Maximizer- Top Nutrition and Training Program !!! adminHealthWhat is Muscle Maximizer? This product is better known as the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, but I shall refer to it as simply ‘Muscle Maximizer’ throughout this review. It’s created by Kyle Leon, a nutrition specialist, personal trainner and fitness model. I should be clear at the start; this is not a total muscle...