At Home Weight Loss Tips for Men

There are so many at home weight loss tips you can do instead of going to the gym. For those men who are trying to get clear of that excess belly fat, then you must try these tips at home since they have been proven to be effective.



This classic exercise helps train your shoulders, chest, abdominals, triceps, glutes and your lower back. Since its mechanism and all together builds your muscles, you are able to burn fat. This is because of the muscles which burn the calories.

You can do this exercise by lying on the floor with your face down. Your legs must be straight and your hands underneath your shoulders. After, you must brace your core and keep your body rigid as you lower yourself until such time that your chest almost touches the floor. You must then push up back until your arms are extended once again.


Bodyweight Squats:

Since exercising your legs can work up hundreds of your muscle fibers simultaneously, they are the best way to burn those calories. For this reason, the squat can even be a moreeffective fat burner and muscle builder as compared to the other exercises.

Do this at home weight loss tip by standing with your hands placed on the back of your head. Your chest must be held out and your elbows put back. You must sit back your hips as well as bend the knees so that your body will be lowered. Squeeze your glutes as you push your body back to the original post.



This is considered as the granddaddy of every exercise. This is because this exercise works your body’s biggest muscle group, your latissimus dorsi. At the same time, it trains your biceps and your back while it tests your strength and builds your endurance.

You must do this exercise by starting with a full hang, with your hands apart at shoulder width and your palms facing away. Pull up your chin over the bar then you should lower back your body. More info: Click here



Most gym enthusiasts will tell you that they spend hours on the stair-climber equipments. But at home, you can also do this. So that you can get the full burn, you must quickly go up and down and drive up your knees.

Do this by placing one foot on a step stool and push it down through the heel as you lift the other leg up. Go back to the starting post and complete the repetitions with just one leg before you switch to the other leg and repeat the exercise.

Aside from the above mentioned at home weight loss exercise tips, there are several more. But of course, if you want your exercise to become successful, you must discipline yourself and what you eat.


Foods That Will Reduce Belly Fat

Fitness magazines will always try to provide informative issues and so they always remember to publish food sources that reduce belly fat in most of their releases.

Belly fats really are the toughest of all to lose.Exercising with crunches and sit-ups can give you six pack abs but will not lose the belly fats.

In fact belly fats are unburned energy. You will not get rid of the fats unless you burn it off or had an operation like liposuction. Losing belly fat for some are really tiring, especially the busy people who do not have time to do exercises every day.

But there is an easy way to get rid of those belly fats, all you have to do is choose a combination of good nutritional foods

The list below is of foods usually prescribed for people who want to lose their unsightly belly fats:



As you know, eggs are a great source of protein. So when talking about reducing fat, eggs will always be popular



Almonds contain vitamin E, proteins, fibre, and antioxidants. Almonds also supply minerals for the human body to regulate blood sugar and produce extra energy.



Soy also produces antioxidants, proteins and fibre. In actual fact, a soy based proteins shakes can help you lose weight due to its ability of speeding up the metabolism rate.



These contain antioxidants, as well as fibre, and help absorb calories within the human body.



There isn’t much in apples apart from fibre. Apples are good in keeping you feeling full because of their juices.



Yogurt has probiotic bacteria which is beneficial to the digestive system. Also visit Nucific Bio X4 on this website for more probiotic and weight loss information.


Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green vegetables are the number one source of calcium, that helps in keeping the muscles strong and bones from breaking.



Omega 3 can be had by consuming salmon. This fatty acid will boost your metabolism.


Vegetable Soup:

The great thing about soup is you will not get hungry easily. This is why it is advised to have more vegetable soup.



This is a grain that contains fibre and protein. Eating lots of this will help to substitute burned fats with proteins.

Basically, these food improves the circulation of oxygen in the body and thus the metabolism also the muscle size. This makes it easier to burn the fat. However, men should remember that, building a muscle needs a perfect balance between all these exercises.


With this list you should be losing that excess fat in no time at all.

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