“Learn a Little-Known, But 100% Scientifically-Proven Way To ERASE Your High Blood Pressure in 3 SHORT weeks… ”

If you or a loved one is suffering with high blood pressure, you’re about to hear something you have n-e-v-e-r heard before. And it could literally save your life.

If you’re finally ready to learn the real truth about your high blood pressure – the facts your doctor has never told you – and give yourself a proven way to naturally reverse your high blood pressure starting today, you are going to want to do yourself a HUGE favor and watch this short video right now.

That because I’m going to expose a shocking secret that *will*, well, they will simply change your life forever.

You are about to learn a little-known, but 100% scientifically-proven way to REVERSE your high blood pressure and eliminate your risk of heart failure. Please also visit my VitaPulse post for information on blood pressure control.


…WITHOUT expensive medication.

…WITHOUT invasive surgery.

And WITHOUT crazy exercises, extreme low-fat diets, or unsafe supplements.

high blood pressure
high blood pressure

When you make the choice to watch this video, you will discover the most effective way to quickly and easily end your struggle with high blood pressure once and for all.

And, when I say “end,” I’m not talking about just masking the symptoms – quote unquote controlling your high blood pressure like your medications do. I’m going to show you how to get to the very root of your high blood pressure – to the cellular level – so you can eliminate it altogether.

That means no more confusion about the right way to deal with it … no more worrying about what’s happening inside your body: is the plaque building up? do you have a clot? is your heart working too hard? and on and on. And, perhaps the biggest relief of all, you will no longer have to walk around with that heavy dreadful weight on your shoulders, always wondering if today will be your last.


They call high blood pressure the Silent Killer for a reason, you know…

Plus, if you have high cholesterol, clogged arteries, excess abdominal fat or any of the horrible illnesses and diseases that result from high blood pressure,  I’m going to show you how you can completely get rid of these altogether, too.

Yes, I said completely.

Can you picture how amazing it will be to live a full, active and healthy life – where you no longer have to live in fear of what you can and cannot do, what you can and cannot eat?

Can you even begin to imagine what that would feel like? No longer struggling with the absurd amount of psychological and emotional stress that comes along with high blood pressure; feeling sick every time you turn the TV on and hear about yet another person who unexpectedly died from a heart attack or stroke … many who are even younger than you.

I guarantee you are going to be blown away by how simple it is to REVERSE your high blood pressure. And, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or have been living with it for a long time. It doesn’t even matter if you’re young or old, male or female, are overweight, have poor circulation, or it runs in your family…

There *is* a way to reverse your high blood pressure and eliminate your risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and more … and you can do it in as little as a few short days and weeks.


Yes, you heard me right: you could be enjoying totally normal blood pressure in just days from now.


BUT, if you want to discover exactly what you must do, you NEED to watch the rest of this brief presentation.


It’s loaded with the important information you need, and I want you to be able to take advantage of everything it offers. But, you need to do it fast … especially since I wouldn’t be surprised if those big pharma companies would want this site taken offline if they found out about it.


That’s because they spend hundreds of millions to keep people like you, people with high blood pressure, addicted to their drugs and they do everything they can to make sure your doctors never tell you that there’s a real alternative; an alternative you’ve had all along but just didn’t know about it.

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, what would you say if I “prescribed” you chocolate and wine to fix your high blood pressure?

You’d probably think I was a little nutty, wouldn’t you?

Fact is, however, when you know how to choose the right ones, delicious treats such as these are essential for lowering blood pressure.

And, the great news is that they’re just a couple of the countless yummy foods and beverages that work just as well – or better – to lower your blood pressure than those expensive medications with all their nasty side effects…

Speaking of those drugs, do you want to know the worst thing about them? It’s not just that they have awful side effects, or that they cost so much, or even that once you’re on them, your doctor will tell you that you have to keep taking them for a lifetime…

No, the worst and most insidious thing about today’s blood pressure meds is that they may not add a single day to your life; they may not do single thing to keep you safe from heart disease, a heart attack, or stroke.

Sure, they might keep your blood pressure at a “normal” level – controlling it, as they say – BUT they don’t do ANYTHING to treat the underlying causes of high blood pressure; so, as you religiously take your medications, day and night, night and day, the same evil – yet totally preventable – issues are going on under the surface: the same issues that can cause you to drop dead of a heart attack just like that.

But, that ends here today. Today, you get to take your life back; to regain real control over your health; to decide what you want to put in your body; and to choose how long and how well you’re going to live.

Yes, you’re right: Today is going to be a very, very good day. But, only if you pay extremely close attention to what I’m going to share during the rest of this brief presentation.


Hi, my name is Kerri Ryan, and for more than 25 years, I’ve been a leading healthcare professional. For 15 of those years, I practiced emergency medicine, and over eight years, I served our country in the US Navy by providing medical support to our Marines.


All throughout, I’ve been dedicated to showing people just like you how nutritional therapy can meet and exceed the benefits of synthetic drugs for such issues as rheumatism, urinary tract infections, osteoporosis, everyday allergies, and – yes – high blood pressure. All without the expense. And all without the dangerous side effects.


In my research, I have seen countless examples proving without a doubt that – when you learn how to give your body the proper nutrition at the cellular level – the results can be amazing.

As someone who has seen people suffer and die from the effects of high blood pressure – people who passed away long before they should have – I know firsthand that high blood pressure is scary. It’s the unknown. And it can kill you. So, of course, it’s scary.

Sadly, if your doctor is like most other doctors, they’re not doing anything to help remove that fear. “Take this pill and cross your fingers it works,” they say. As if that is any consolation, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you, there’s another way; there’s a better way. It doesn’t require a trip to the doctor’s office; there are no medications or drugs you have to take; there are zero side effects (unless you consider losing weight and feeling younger, healthier and happier a “side effect”); and – best of all – this new way, this different way, it actually works.

And, in many cases, it tastes delicious, too.

Take that chocolate and wine, for example.

These two decadent treats contain two incredibly important blood pressure-lowering substances. In the wine, it’s resveratrol and in the chocolate, it’s resveratrol and lecithin.


Both of these have been proven time and time again to significantly lower blood pressure.

In fact, a recent study showed that men in the highest risk bracket were able to dramatically lower their blood pressure simply by taking resveratrol for 30 days.

In a year-long study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, resveratrol was shown to decrease the C-reactive protein associated with heart disease risk by a stunning 26%.

But, resveratrol not only lowers blood pressure, it also reduces inflammation, prevents the oxidation of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, and makes it more difficult for platelets to stick together and form the clots that can lead to a heart attack.

And all this from something naturally found in great-tasting foods like chocolate, peanut butter, wine, and blueberries.

If you think that sounds good, it’s nothing compared to the benefits of lecithin.

Scientific studies demonstrate that lecithin disperses fats and protects your vital organs and arteries from fatty buildup. It also breaks up cholesterol into small particles, so it can’t clog your arteries and veins.

Best of all, if you already have buildup, lecithin will help your body quickly remove the accumulation, so you can begin enjoying lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol levels, better circulation, and overall great health.


Sounds awesome, right?

It is, but now I need you to listen very closely to what I’m about to share…

In addition to chocolate, lecithin is found in everyday foods like butter, eggs and beef.

Yes, you’re right – these are some of the EXACT foods your doctor has warned you about; told you never to eat; that they’re “bad” for you, and will worsen your blood pressure.

So, why in the world would your doctor – and the medical community at large – tell you not to do something that could actually help you? There must be a misunderstanding, right?

Well, I’ll let you do the math, but think about it: if you can eat everyday foods that you can easily find at your neighborhood market – foods that will help naturally cure your high blood pressure so you wouldn’t need to take expensive blood pressure medications – why would your doctor tell you about them as a way to cure yourself? Why indeed would they actually tell you to avoid them?

Because finding out about these miraculous foods to treat your blood pressure somehow could hurt you? Nope.


But, it sure could hurt the doctors.

See, it’s big pharmaceutical companies and the doctors who get a cut of pharma’s profits who have a massive financial stake in keeping you hooked on their medications.

What kind of money are we talking about? Just last year, Americans spent $93.5 BILLION to pay for health care services, medications, and missed days of work due to high blood pressure.

Do you honestly think these multi-national companies want to give up even a small slice of that profit pie?


Here’s another way to think about it…

When you learn what foods you can eat to naturally lower your blood pressure, you can actually fix the very problems that caused your condition in the first place.

But, when you take drugs, you’re only treating the symptoms of these core issues. If big pharma created a drug that actually treated the root causes, one that fixed your high blood pressure rather than “controlled” it, they wouldn’t have you as a return customer for life.

So, for big pharma, it makes good business sense for them to never address the real, underlying problems because they’re able to keep you as a paying customer forever.


Good for business, but awful for you.

Again, this sham ends here today. No more being a slave to pharmaceutical companies. No longer letting your doctor pull a fast one on you. It’s time you knew the truth and did something about it.

My team and I have dedicated our lives to finding all-natural cures for high blood pressure; simple things you can do to make remarkable changes in your health and wellbeing … all with everyday things you can find at just about every store in the country – no matter where you live; and all things that are inexpensive and enjoyable, too.

Our mission is to make sure you have the latest medical information you need to make informed decisions about your health.

It’s no longer okay to trust the drug companies, the doctors, the insurance people … they are in business to make money NOT to help you live a full and productive life.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet those pharmaceutical companies absolutely despise the kind of work I’m doing.

Why? Because they can’t patent peanut butter. They can’t charge you $150 for a chocolate bar. They can’t stop you from heading down to the store and filling your cart with natural and delicious foods that can totally reverse and eliminate your high blood pressure in days.

So, what’s they’re alternative? What are they left to do?

You know the answer. You’ve seen it too many times…

They spend millions on scare tactic campaigns. Their lawyers just wait to pounce on anybody who says anything negative about their products, or tries to say there’s a different way, a better way. Then, they line politicians’ pockets to pass regulations against natural remedies – making it almost impossible for anybody to disseminate the real truth about what works and what doesn’t work.

You’d be shocked to hear the kinds of restrictions that are placed on what you can and cannot say about natural cures. It’s outrageous and it’s all funded by those who stand to benefit the most from the status quo.

Because they know better than anyone that high blood pressure is the number one reason why people go to the doctor in America. They know that doctors will prescribe medications. And, then, doctors know you will come back over and over again to get tested, do lab work, adjust your doses, and on and on.

It’s one big revolving money door and the only one who’s losing – the only one who isn’t actually being served – is YOU.

Indeed, since many blood pressure medications come with serious side effects such as kidney and liver failure, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, menstrual issues, and fatigue, you may go in for high blood pressure, but you’ll be back again and again for all the other side effects.

A supposed “remedy” that causes even more problems? That’s not right, is it?

But, really, it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise to realize that blood pressure meds have side effects. You’re using drugs to force your body to do something it doesn’t want to naturally do. You may temporarily fix one thing but – as a result – other things start breaking.

However, if you learned how to help your body naturally find balance – rather than trying to knock it into submission with synthetic drugs – the side effects vanish, the blood pressure lowers, and ALL your associated risks just disappear.

In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly how you can do this.

But, first, I want to share the findings from a recent study that should shock you.

A recent study of 5,000 subjects was released that showed people who take blood pressure medications had 12% more heart attacks and kidney failure than those who did not.

A blood pressure medication that doesn’t even eliminate your risk of a heart attack? What’s the point?

But, again, since they weren’t designed to treat the underlying cause of your high blood pressure, we shouldn’t expect them to do anything but delay the inevitable … but who would’ve thought they actually increased the rate of heart attacks?

I can’t think of anything more horrifying.

That’s why I’m so happy you found this video…

Because you’ll finally have a chance to get the help and support you need … without the drugs, without the doctor visits, without the lies and deception.

You’ll finally have the opportunity to treat the real causes of your high blood pressure – naturally, quickly, easily, affordably and without any of the side effects.


So, what’s this all about?

When I learned about all the problems of blood pressure meds – trust me, I’ve only shared a few of them here – I knew I had to do something about it.

For years, I had studied how to effectively eliminate high blood pressure using all-natural foods and supplements.

Much of what I learned flies in the face of what the establishment has told you. Much of it will likely shock you … especially how simple it is to lower your blood pressure when you know the right way to do it.

The facts don’t lie. The research tells the true story.

So, together with my team, we created the Healthy Blood Pressure Toolkit, a set of easy-to-implement and all-natural tips, tricks, tactics and techniques that are founded upon rock-solid irrefutable scientific fact.

You can use each of the resources in the Toolkit right now to begin immediately lowering your high blood pressure and eliminating it altogether in a very short period of time.

Plus, if you have high cholesterol, clogged arteries, excess abdominal fat or any of the horrible illnesses and diseases that result from high blood pressure, the Toolkit will show you easy ways to completely get rid of these altogether, too. 

And, again, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or have been living with it for a long time. It doesn’t even matter if you’re young or old, male or female, are overweight, have poor circulation, or it runs in your family…

The strategies in the Healthy Blood Pressure Toolkit have worked for countless others who were in your exact same position just a short time ago.

Now, they’re living the life of their dreams, and you can, too.

You can get your life back and you can do it today.

So, let’s take a look at what’s included in the Toolkit and how it can help you…

The center of this life-changing program is my highly-acclaimed guidebook, Good Cholesterol: Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure and Hypertension and Reach a Healthy Blood Pressure Without Drugs.

In this groundbreaking book, I break it all down for you. We’ll go inside the body and explore what’s really going on. When you know what’s happening just under the skin and – more importantly – how easy it is to create balance at a cellular level, balance that leads to permanently lowered blood pressure, clean and clear arteries, lowered cholesterol, weight loss and more, you’ll be amazed.

In an easy-to-read and engaging style, you’ll learn everything your doctor hasn’t told you. And, best of all, you’ll discover what small changes you can make to your diet that will have HUGE implications.

And trust me when I say this has nothing to do with swearing off of fat, eating celery sticks, or running away from foods like butter, alcohol and red meat.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. When you’re done with this powerful book, you’ll finally be able to make sense of all the confusion and all the misinformation out there today. You’ll finally have a clear path laid out in front of you – what you can and should do and what you cannot and should not do.

Luckily, the cans way outnumber the cannots … and most of the cans are super tasty.

Who knew that lowering your blood pressure meant you got to eat better than you already do, including foods you were told were a no-no?! That cholesterol is not the real enemy? That a handful of vitamins, minerals and natural foods – all of which are readily available at your supermarket – are the key to fantastic blood pressure and optimal health?


Who knew? You will.

But, my book is just the first of four key components in the exclusive Healthy Blood Pressure Toolkit.

When you make the smart choice to grab your copy of the Toolkit today, you’ll also receive Natural Remedies for Lowering Your Blood Pressure. In this exciting edition, you’ll get your hands on step-by-step natural remedies you can take advantage of to instantly increase the effectiveness of your blood pressure lowering regiment.

Best of all, you’ll find that most of the ingredients you need to create these proven home remedies are already in your cupboard or pantry. For those that aren’t, a quick and affordable trip to your local supermarket will do the trick.

And the results will speak for themselves. You may not be able to see your blood pressure lowering, but you’re going to immediately begin feeling the benefits of these safe, effective and time-tested remedies.

As a part of the Toolkit, you’ll also be receiving my personal Grocery List for Lowering Blood Pressure. When I first made my Toolkit available, I was asked over and over again if people could get a list where they could see all the required ingredients for a healthy heart and lowered blood pressure in one place.

I’m really happy to be able to include this simple, but super valuable grocery list as part of the newest edition of my Toolkit.

You’ll be one of the first to take advantage of this useful timesaver. Since everything you need is in one place, you can feel confident that you’re doing the right thing for your heart with every trip to the store.

Finally, when you trust your gut and go with your instincts to grab a copy of my Healthy Blood Pressure Toolkit, you’ll also receive one of my all-time favorite resources.

I return to this guide over and over again. It’s just that good.

It’s called 50 Ways to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure and it’s just that – 50 amazing ways that you can lower your dangerously high blood pressure, quickly, easily and – get this – without any cost. That’s because most of the 50 ways are 100% free.

I guarantee your doctor isn’t telling you any of these techniques and they’re definitely not giving away free information on how to naturally lower your blood pressure.

Thankfully, that’s not your problem anymore. Thankfully, when you put my Toolkit to work for yourself or a loved one, you won’t have to worry about what the doctors or big pharmaceutical companies do or do not do. That’s their problem.

You’ll be too busy enjoying an active, full and long life – free from high blood pressure forever.

I’m sure you’re wondering what it’s going to cost to take advantage of everything included in my Healthy Blood Pressure Toolkit…

You might expect to pay hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of dollars for a 100% proven system that is guaranteed to lower your blood pressure, right?

Because, when you think about it, if you’re not already paying for doctor’s visits and daily medications, you soon will be. And, even if you only have a co-pay it all adds up over time … especially if your doctor is telling you you’ll have to be on meds for the rest of your life.

But, you’re not going to pay anything close to that, and if you’re not completely satisfied with your results, you won’t pay a single penny.

That’s right: I want you to try out everything you learn in the Healthy Blood Pressure Toolkit for a full 60 days. That’s more than enough time to begin seeing the dramatic results you’ve heard about here today.

Then, if at any time during those eight weeks you don’t feel totally satisfied, I want you to return the Toolkit and I’ll fully refund your full investment.


Let me say that another way…

If you don’t reverse your high blood pressure, I NEED you to ask for a refund. I know my strategies work and only want it in the hands of people who are ready and willing to commit to success.

If it’s not the right time for you, I insist you ask for a refund.

So, what will you need to invest today to get the take advantage of everything the Healthy Blood Pressure Toolkit offers you?

Even though the Toolkit is worth many times the price…

And, even though I could charge an arm and a leg because countless people who have used this Toolkit have seen the shocking results firsthand for themselves…

Would you believe a one-time payment of only $XX? That’s right … for the cost of a single co-pay (if you’re lucky), you can treat yourself to freedom from high blood pressure forever. Plus, since you’re fully protected by my guarantee, you actually have nothing to lose.

Look, I’m not selling this Toolkit to get rich. I developed it so that people like you could get access to the groundbreaking help you need to lower your blood pressure, once and for all and permanently.

  • No more drugs
  • No more side effects
  • And, most importantly, no more fear

$XX is a small price to pay when we’re talking about investing in an all-natural solution that WILL change your life for the best.

At this time, I’d like to invite you to click on the big button below. When you click on that button, you’ll be making a life-changing decision to get your life back … and all for only $XX.

Isn’t it time to get your life back, on your own terms, in your own way?

When you do, you’ll gain instant access to the complete Toolkit, including the Good Cholesterol: Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure and Hypertension and Reach a Healthy Blood Pressure Without Drugs, the Natural Remedies for Lowering Your Blood Pressure booklet, my Grocery List for Lowering Blood Pressure, and the 50 Ways to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure guide.

And, best of all, since Healthy Blood Pressure Toolkit is 100% digital, you’ll gain instant access to everything in just moments. That means you won’t have to wait for anything.

Yes, you’re right: this DOES keep getting better and better.

Again, it’s your choice…

It’s always been your choice.

The difference now is that you’re aware that you have an option. You’ve learned that there’s a way to go FAR beyond masking the symptoms and begin treating the very root of your high blood pressure.

And, you’re discovered that it’s much easier, quicker than you ever could’ve believed to actually get real results…

Look, I want this for you…

I don’t want you to have to live in fear of your blood pressure – always wondering if today will be the day you have a heart attack or you’re going to die in your sleep, leaving your loved ones to go one without you. And you don’t have to take dangerous medications that just treat your symptoms.

Heart attacks and stroke don’t give you warning. They don’t put themselves on your calendar. They strike when you least expect them. You cannot wait until AFTER something happens … at that point, it’ll be too late.

You have an alternative. You can discover real freedom. The kind of freedom that comes with chocolate and peanut butter and wine.


All it takes is the click of a button.

I guarantee it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made since finding out you had high blood pressure.

I look forward to hearing your success story soon.


Proven Way To ERASE High Blood Pressure in 3 SHORT weeks!adminHealth“Learn a Little-Known, But 100% Scientifically-Proven Way To ERASE Your High Blood Pressure in 3 SHORT weeks... ” If you or a loved one is suffering with high blood pressure, you’re about to hear something you have n-e-v-e-r heard before. And it could literally save your life. If you’re finally ready...